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Story Time


A small Indian woman stopped me in Central Park and asked, “Excuse me, I am coming from the east side and want to get to the west side to West 85th Street.  Can you help me?” She was very fortunate as we encountered each other exactly at a walkway that could lead her out of the park and directly onto West 85th Street. 

However, she had to cross over a road to find the path.  I pointed due west, a 90 degree angle to where we both stood and said, “You only need to cross this road and go straight down that path and you will be on West 85th Street.”  She smiled and looked relieved and said, “Thank you.” We parted company and I proceeded on my way. 

After 15 seconds, I turned around to observe her.  In fact, she was heading due north on the road she had to cross over; she would never get to West 85th Street.  Never, ever, ever! I ran after her, squared off her shoulders to face the path and said, “This is the way to get to where you want to go.” She said, “thank you” and now proceeded on her way. Here is the point of this story. I do not know what people hear when I speak. Even when I think they have understood, it is possible they have not understood.  Unless I check up on them, I won’t know if they are on their desired path.  In order to get them on the path, I might have to run after them and square off their shoulders in order to set them straight; all they have to do is tell me where they want to go and I will make sure they get there.