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Ina D. Stern, MA

Ina D. Stern, MA

Ina Stern, valued partner in Stern Slavutin 2, highly knowledgeable in the field of estate planning and insurance, enjoys an expansive 40 year history as a specialist in her field. She focuses her practice on estate planning for high-net worth families; working closely with them as a “counselor,” providing comprehensive support as they make far reaching decisions that will ultimately impact future generations.  Ina understands her clients work hard to safeguard what they spent a lifetime to create, and provides each with a customized wealth protection plan to match their individual needs and lifestyle.

Ina’s career path began with a Master’s degree psychology, which she professes helps her to better understand her clients’ desires and fears about securing their financial future.  Converting her psychology aptitude into insurance and estate planning was a natural transition, enabling Ina to understand the depth of feelings concerned with helping to protect the financial legacy her clients want to leave their loved ones. With a genuine warmth and interest, Ina builds steadfast relationships with clients and is often regarded as an esteemed member of their family.

In working with her clients, Ina provides an unparalleled combination of coverage, value and expertise. She employs an uncanny knack for ferreting out the most creative strategies for maximizing the benefits to her clients. “I like to think strategically, and devise a course of action that has inherent value.  My clients trust me with privileged information and in respect of that trust, I want to really identify and understand their estate-planning goals and concerns.”  

Ina is committed to providing unbiased financial education.  She speaks regularly at professional organizations, corporations, and associations.   Her philosophy, both in her business and personal life is to be the best source of up-to-date, pragmatic and transferable information on the topics she needs to help others. 
When working with Ina, one see immediately her enthusiasm for what she does and today, that enthusiasm carries over to her two sons and her grandchildren, who have clearly captured her heart.